Open positions

Applications for PhD positions

We currently have no funding to take on new PhD students in the BorgLab, but to work with any of my robotics colleagues, you have at least three options:

1) Apply to the CS PhD program via the School of Interactive Computing 2) Apply to the Robotics PhD program via the School of Interactive Computing 3) Apply to the Robotics PhD program via one of the other schools participating in Robotics (ME, ECE, BME, and AE)

Especially look at our new Robotics PhD program. You can find detailed information at the following URL:

In all cases, admissions and support are completely separated in the College of Computing, and we have no influence on the admissions process. While currently we have no room to grow, there are many other faculty in the same area. Do make sure you mention the name of any professor you might be interested in working with, backed by good reasons referencing their recent research.

Please note that we will not be able to personally help or answer questions regarding your application: please check the IC website and the contacts listed there with any further questions you have.

Master projects for Georgia Tech students

If you are a Master student at Georgia Tech looking for an M.Sc. project (for credit!), contact me (or any group member) per email.